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Type 4V epoxyglass, whit dust proof covers.

Small switches for low power signals.

Sliding pad contact system.

Keylock on demand.

Features: 1  pole 12 positions in each sector
2  poles 6 positions in each sector
3  poles 4 positions in each sector
max 6 sectors

Make before break (shorting) contacts only.

Adjustable stop.

Index angle: 30° (60° 90° on demand).

Index torque: 1,2 /1,7Kgm (other values on demand).

On single deck switch L = 23 mm add 7.5 mm each further deck.

WATERPROOF version (on demand)
an O-ring is mounted on the shaft inside the threated bushing
and a rubber washer is placed rear side the customer panel.

Special mounting: see form

printable page (PDF)

 Current breaking  capacity:

   1.3A 110Vac / 4A 30Vdc
 (resistive load)
 Contact  resistance:    <9mohm
 (average initial value)
 Insulation:  1300Vac 150x109ohm
 Life expectancy:    >200.000 switching operations
 (test current = 0,1 max  value)

RohS Conformity:    this product is compliant to
                                european directive 2002/95/CEE - 27/01/2003

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