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 Type 11R111      1 pole,  11 positions,  snap: 30°  
 Type 11R206           2 poles,  6 positions,  snap: 30°  
 Type 11R304      3 poles,  4 positions,  snap: 30°  
 Type 11R403      4 poles,  3 positions,  snap: 30°  



Not shorting contacts.
Shortable version: add the type name with an S
(11R111S, 11R206S, 11R304S ecc...).

Low current switches, glass-filled nylon moulded,
they have spring brush contact system.

Adjustable stop.
Gold platings contacts only.
Inner inspectable.

shaft lenght up to 100 mm from PCB (with shaft extension).
Shaft toolings on customer's layout (see file).

WATERPROOF version (on demand)
an O-ring is mounted on the shaft inside the threated bushing
and a rubber washer is placed rear side the customer panel.

Tighting brass ring:
increases the strengt to an axial pressure on the shaft,
from standard 20 Kg to over 40 Kg.

A trade-mark-less production (11N types),
is available for retailers.

Special mounting: see form

printable page (PDF)

Conformity to 73/23 directive,
EN 61058-1 standard


 Current breaking  capacity:

   300mA  110Vac/400mA 30Vdc
 (resistive load)
 Contact  resistance:    <10mohm
 (average initial value)
 Insulation between  near  contacts   1300Vac 22x109ohm
 Insulation between  poles    1200Vac 20x109ohm
 Operating  temperature    -20 + 80 °C
 Life expectancy:    >120.000 switching operations
 (test current = 0,1 max  value)

RohS Conformity:    this product is compliant to
                                european directive 2002/95/CEE - 27/01/2003

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