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42 KEY,   88x108 mm,   matrix plus single key

Type 1T42ST1 flat overlay, non tactile
Type 1TF42ST1 embossed keys, soft touch
Type 1TC42ST1 flat overlay, metal snap domes
Type 1TCF42ST1 embossed keys and metal domes

Two colours' graphic layer: letters and background are black,
jellow thekeys' ground, white the background.

Rear silk-screened on antiscratching polyester.

All keyboard layers are laser cut.

Other colours or customized graphic by request.

Circuit, spacer, and tail cover: polyester.

Rear adhesive layer: 3M468.

Tracks and pads: silver.

Connector: female,15 ways on 2.54mm pitch.

Embossing on type 1TF and 1TCF:
the shape of buttons, 0.5mm thick.

Stick your keyboard on a smooth and clean surface.

Don't trap air bubbles when mounting.

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customize your keyboard! (CDR)
this keyboard (if framed)
can be assembled with the
Teko 2H.3 enclosure too

RohS Conformity:    this product is compliant to
                                european directive 2002/95/CEE - 27/01/2003

Keyboards materials and finishing, electrical and mechanical specification

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